Our Team

Chris Moncivalles


With almost twelve years of experience working with such organizations as the Cyberathlete Professional League and Quakecon, I've seen the issues that organizers have faced by taking existing tools and having to change how you run a tournament, just to fit the tools. My goal is to change that thought process and provide the tools that are designed to work when and how you need them to.

Steve "GreasedScotsman" Huff

Lead Developer

Matt "Mattc0m" Richards

Lead Designer

Private Beta Online

Digital Duels is currently running an invite-only beta.

If you are a tournament manager and would like a tour, please send us an e-mail for immediate access.

Public Launch Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, we will launch Digital Duels to the public. We look forward to your feedback to bring you the best tournament management system.

What is Digital Duels?

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Digital Duels is an online suite of tools created by and for esports event organizers that enable anyone to create, manage, and organize tournaments easier than ever before.

Most esports event organizers have had to deal with complicated tournament software or settle for simple tools that are not designed FOR esports. With the current focus on content and production value of esport matches, very little attention is given to the software that can power these tournaments. We believe that the easier it is for admins, players, and spectators to follow a tournament from registration to completion, the more people will run events.

Our focus is not to compete with existing leagues or organizations but rather to complement their tools so that they can focus on what they do best and run quality tournaments. By providing these tools to startup leagues, existing organizations, independent organizers, and sponsors, we believe that we can be part of the esports revolution.

Battle On!

Digital Duels Features


Ease of Use - By listening to players, organizers, and media about how complicated some systems are, we've taken that feedback and used it to simplify everything from start to finish. Tournament creation, registration, score reporting, and after tournament reports all have been designed to make things easier and make tournaments fun again.


Flexibility - With different formats, gametypes, and match sizes, we realize that esports tournaments do not always fit into a perfect little box. Our tools are designed to allow you to custom tailor your tournament into your needs.


Power tournaments on YOUR site - Our system will include ways to embed and customize your tournaments and present them on YOUR site.


Social Media Integration - Our system makes it easy to publish scores to popular social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Set up your favorite social media outlets in your tournament profile and have scores automatically updated whenever your bracket is updated! Each tournament will also have a comprehensive RSS feed, allowing you to embed your results in your website.

User Customization

Comprehensive Final Reports - After tournament completion, you will be able to download a full report including all match scores, finalists, and viewer traffic.